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At the beginning of the last century, Madeira was known for the brandy island. Excessive consumption of this drink becomes a social problem. In 1927, 34 sugarcane plantations were closed, production decreased and their commercialization was controlled. Alternatively, the people clandestinely began to produce their own brandy from the dregs of wine, an activity severely punished by the authorities. From the North to the South of the Island, illicit transport began, covering 25 km with about 50 liters on their backs and, despite several arrests, the activity lasted roughly 50 years along tracks that became known as the route of smuggling.

Informações técnicas

Technical information

Map produced in: June 2022

Per: Tiago Aires 

in accordance with the regulations in force ISSprOM2019-2

Scale: 1:3000 /Equidistance:5 meters

Ground: Urban, Inn and small gardens

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