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What is?

The Aqui Acolá Festival, organized by the Ponta do Sol City Council in partnership with RETOIÇA – Cultural, Sporting and Recreational Association and other important cultural entities/personalities in Ponta do Sol, is an event that promotes Art, Culture and Traditions. In its genesis there is an evident intention to bring together the most varied artistic manifestations (as much as possible) in an event that one wants to be worthy, and above all that honorably elevates the noblest artistic, cultural and traditional scrolls through an assumed pragmatic stylistic eclecticism.
With this Festival, we seek to provoke the omnipresent creative need intricate in a society that tends to be culturally clouded. To this end, this event is a unique and privileged opportunity to bring together the so-called classic artistic manifestations (Music; Dance; Painting; Sculpture; Theater; Poetry; Cinema), the most contemporary (Photography; Comics; Digital art; Graphic Art ) and Ethnography in a common event where one wants to awaken and enhance the human sensory senses in a (regional) society mostly used to a little diversified cultural aspect.
In this perspective, it is intended to carry out a series of performative and expository actions through concerts, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, recreation, etc., in the various artistic aspects over a weekend (Friday; Saturday; Sunday). However, it is the common desire of the promoters of this project, that it be extended in the long term in time, be eclectic as possible and assert itself as a regional, national and perhaps international cultural brand based on the artistic quality that it intends to impose.

Where does it take place?

The Aqui Acolá Festival is planned to take place in the historic center of Vila da Ponta do Sol in various spaces dedicated to the most varied artistic performances and exhibitions.

Why does it happen?

As previously stated, this Festival intends to bring together the various artistic manifestations in a common event with the pressing objective of catapulting Culture, Arts and Traditions to the highest levels of a society that wants to be fair, creative and dynamic.
The municipality of Ponta do Sol, given its history, has always shown an innate cultural appetite that is highly appreciated and recognized by the various social spheres.
This Pontassolense cultural essence was translated into a natural creative cradle that went beyond the municipal borders, making it assume a distinct and congenital preponderance in the regional cultural panorama.
For these reasons, allied to the artistic and cultural events that have recently emerged in this municipality, there is no doubt about the relevance of the chosen location, as well as the selected molds for a Festival that wants to be alternative and differentiated.

When does it take place?

This Festival has an annual periodicity and will be held on the weekend (or week) when the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord is celebrated, very in vogue in the Ponta do Sol council. This ceremony takes place on a Thursday, forty days after Easter, it is expected that this Festival will always take place in the month of May. However, given the mobility of Easter itself and consequently of the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord, we cannot determine a fixed date for this Festival, and the organization (in this case) has to annually establish the date depending on the mobility of Easter day.

How is it done?

The Aqui Acolá Festival will be, above all, a kind of artistic assortment to take place at the Ponta do Sol historical center. The idea initially projected intends to bring to this noble space in the Municipality the most varied performance and exhibition artistic manifestations. For this purpose, several performance stages will be determined (Largo do Pelourinho; Viewpoint of the Police Post; Auditorium of the John dos Passos Cultural Center; Terrace of the John dos Passos Cultural Center; Parking lot of the John dos Passos Cultural Center; Largo road next to the Court of the District of Ponta do Sol; Viewpoint next to Ponta do Sol City Hall; São Sebastião Chapel; Ponta do Sol Pier; Tunnel); exhibition spaces (Former Cinema of Ponta do Sol; Ground Floor of the former Cinema of Ponta do Sol; Atrium of the John dos Passos Cultural Center; Door 12; Chapel of Santo António; Ground Floor of a private house; etc.), and a historical recreation space that covers a significant part of the Ponta do Sol historical center.
In this Festival, several workshops are planned to be held on Saturday and Sunday mornings dedicated to various topics of artistic interest, the program being designed in accordance with the versatility of the Festival itself.


The aforementioned description refers to the years (2015, 2016, 2017)  in which Retoiça - Associação Cultural, Desportiva e Recreativa was directly and openly in the Organizing Committee of the Aqui Acolá Festival.
To find out more after this date, you should consult the link mentioned below.

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