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Culture is one of the mainstays of the social object of Retoiça - Associação Cultural, Desportiva e Recreativa. Get to know a little more about the projects and the path of the association itself.


Commented Concerts Cycle

since 2018

The Commented Concerts Cycle is a set of specific concerts by the Academic Orchestra of the Conservatory – Professional School of the Arts of Madeira Engº Luiz Peter Clode, where the constitution of the orchestra is presented to the public...


Ciclo de Concertos Comentados

Desde 2018

O Ciclo de Concertos Comentados é um conjunto de concertos específicos da Orquestra Académica do Conservatório – Escola Profissional das Artes da Madeira Engº Luiz Peter Clode, onde é apresentada ao público a constituição da orquestra...


Concert Cycle "Music in Nature"

since 2018

The cycle of concerts "Música na Natureza" (communicating with the EcoMusicalis concept) is a series of concerts in a natural space carried out on the island of Porto Santo as part of the celebrations of the 600th anniversary of the discovery of this island.

Seleção de flores

Flower Concerts

Since 2020

The Flower Concerts are a series of four concerts (combining the EcoMusicalis concept) in a natural space/heritage to be carried out within the scope of the Flower Festival, promoted by the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture.

Concertos L 01_edited.jpg

L concerts

Since 2009

The L Concerts are the responsibility of Estalagem da Ponta do Sol and, recently, a strategic partnership was made with Associação Retoiça to support production and others...

d rebendita1_editado.jpg



The popular linguistic heritage is without a doubt one of the richest assets in the cultural and traditional panorama of a People. “Regionalisms” are used with a natural frequency, concealing themselves among the current vocabulary...


From the Vineyard to the Lagar

since 2022

The basic idea of this series of concerts ”Da Vinha ao Lagar” is to hold concerts next to vineyards and/or mills with public access to be held in September 2022, as part of the Wine Festival, promoted by the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture...



Since September 2011

The EcoMusicalis project was born from a mutual desire to join Music and Nature, following up on an intrinsic need that human beings have to return to the natural environment in its purest state...


EcoMusicalis Lauraceae

Since April 2015

The EcoMusicalis Lauraceae is an annual four - concert cycle in natural environment devoted exclusively to the Porto Moniz City. As such, the Municipality of Porto Moniz is seen as a strategic partner...


EcoMusicalis Regalis

Since July 2017

EcoMusicalis Regalis is a partnership project between the Associação do Caminho Real da Madeira and Retoiça - Cultural, Sports and Recreative Association, derived from the concept EcoMusicalis...

EcoMusicalis Sol Oriens _ Miradouro da B

EcoMusicalis Sol Oriens / Sol Occidens

Since July 2017

The EcoMusicalis Sol Oriens / Sun Occidens is an annual cycle of three concerts in the natural environment is born of the sun and setting of the sun, dedicated exclusively to the municipality of Ponta do Sol ...

aqui acola.jpg

Here there festival

Since May 2015

The Aqui Acolá Festival , organized by the Ponta do Sol City Council in partnership with RETOIÇA – Cultural, Sports and Recreational Association and other important cultural entities/personalities in Ponta do Sol...

forte a terca01.jpg

strong on tuesday

Since August 2018

The Fort on Tuesday Retoiça is a project with exclusive application in the municipality of Porto Moniz, more specifically in the Forte de São João Baptista (Madeira Aquarium) ...

gaitada na baixa 02.jpg

Low harmonica

Since July 2016

The Gaitada in Lower is a joint project between the Association of Sports and Nature - Ponta do Sol (DNA Ponta do Sol), Municipality of Ponta do Sol and Retoiça - Cultural Association, Sports and Recreation ...


Music in the Chapels

Since October 2013

The Concert Cycle " Music in Capelas " seeks essentially to give space to musical groups of chamber music that exist in the regional panorama, with the obvious aim of demonstrating and highlighting the vibrant artistic nobility...

musica nas ruinas02_editado.jpg

Music in the Ruins

Since June 2014

Music in the Ruins is a concept initially designed by the Parish Councils of the Municipality of São Vicente - São Vicente; Thin tip; Boa Ventura - in partnership with Retoiça - Cultural, Sports and Recreative Association...


Thursdays downtown

Since July 2017

The " Quintas na Baixa " is an exclusive project of the Sports and Nature Association - Ponta do Sol (ADN Ponta do Sol), which has a strategic partnership with Retoiça - Cultural, Sports and Recreation Association...

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