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What is?

The "Quintas na Baixa" is an exclusive project of the Sport and Nature Association - Ponta do Sol (ADN Ponta do Sol), which has a strategic partnership with Retoiça - Cultural, Sports and Recreative Association, in an assumed perspective of stimulating recreationally and culturally some of the summer nights at Ponta do Sol beach.

Where does it take place?

The "Quintas na Baixa" are held in the space adjacent to the operation of the "A Baixa" Bar, under the responsibility of ADN Ponta do Sol, between the months of June and September.

Why does it happen?

Like Retoiça - Cultural, Sports and Recreational Association, ADN Ponta do Sol aims to provide leisure and well-being activities to its members as well as to the rest of the community in which it operates. Because these two associations are governed by the principle that good examples should be replicated, the "Quintas na Baixa" are, admittedly, aimed at reviving the recreational and cultural moments of the past, experienced and intensely welcomed at Ponta do Sol beach.

When does it take place?

The "Quintas na Baixa", with a rare exception, take place on Thursdays in July and August, from 20:30h to 22:30h.

How is it done?

The "Quintas na Baixa" are "materialized" through musical concerts, where bands of the most diverse styles are invited (Jazz; Bossa Nova; Blues; Pop-Pock; World Music; etc.). Shows are normally divided into two sets of (approximately) 45 minutes, separated with a half hour break. The concerts are free access.


The "Quintas na Baixa" came from an invitation formalized by ADN Ponta do Sol (in the first half of 2017) to Retoiça - Cultural, Sport and Recreative Association to, in mutual partnership, schedule, produce and carry out a cycle of concerts in the space adjacent to "A Baixa" during the months of July and August. To this end, the following concerts were held:


- Clara and Carolina | 06/07/2017

- Head Tones | 07/13/2017

- SP Trio | 07/20/2017

- Susana Brandão & Vitor Anjo | 07/27/2017

- DonaZica | 08/03/2017

- Elisa & Tiago | 08/10/2017

- Blend X | 08/17/2017

- Tiago Silva | 08/24/2017

- Pedro Garcia | 08/31/2017


- Black Dog Blues (extra) | 06/09/2018

- Big Double Blues | 07/19/2018

- Upright Ntet | 7/26/2018

- Cristina Barbosa | 08/02/2018

- Fennel Shore | 08/09/2018

- DonaZica | 08/16/2018

- AoAkaso | 08/24/2018

- Elisa & Tiago | 08/30/2018


- Kairos | 07/11/2019

- The Grumpies | 07/18/2019

- MG Band | 07/25/2019

- Sofia Almeida Quartet | 01/08/2019

- Passion Fruit | 08/08/2019

- AoAkaso | 08/15/2019

- Gold Label Trio | 08/22/2019

- EcoTrio | 08/29/2019