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What is?

Music in the Ruins is a concept initially designed by the Parish Councils of the Municipality of São Vicente - São Vicente; Thin tip; Boa Ventura - in partnership with Retoiça - Cultural, Sports and Recreation Association, with the objective of combining the built heritage that is in ruins, but with a strong historical contribution in the referred parishes, with the beautiful musical art.

Where does it take place?

The Music in the Ruins project takes place exclusively in the parishes of São Vicente, in a "ruin" with a strong historical contribution.

Why does it happen?

Valuing the ancestral built heritage is a fair way to honor its builders and their services. The Music in the Ruins project appears to give meaning and alert the community to its importance and possible revitalization and/or rehabilitation.

When does it take place?

The Music in the Ruins project takes place during the summer months (June to September) at a date and time to be determined annually by the various partners.

How is it done?

The Música nas Ruínas project is divided into two structuring parts, the first part dedicated to the investigation/historical explanation of the place where the event takes place, and the second part exclusively dedicated to the concert itself. After the event, as far as the possibilities of the partners involved in the event, there is a meeting between all participants.


The Música nas Ruínas project began on June 20 , 2014, with a concert held at Solar da Silveira | Boa Ventura starring the beautiful grouping Seis Po' Meia Dúzia. Since then, until now, the following concerts have been held:



1. | 06/20/2014

Six Po' Half Dozen

Solar da Silveira | good luck

quarteto saxofones.jpg

2. | 7/25/2014

saxophone quartet

Pico House | Thin tip


3. | 27/09/2014

"Wheat" Project

Former building of the D. Lucinda de Andrade School | Saint Vincent


banda d alem.jpg

4. | 20/06/2015

band beyond

Former House Fernando Sousa (Slim) | Saint Vincent

2015 Amigos da Música.jpg

5. | 7/17/2015

Friends of Music

Old Mill (Boa Ventura Pebble) | good luck



6. | 25/06/2016


Old PSP building | Saint Vincent


7. | 7/16/2016

Atlantic nymphs

House of Senhora da Portada | good luck


fado das quinas01.jpg

8. | 07/15/2017

Fado das Quinas

Solar da Silveira | good luck



9. | 07/14/2018

Fennel Fado

Path of Entrosa | good luck



10. | 07/13/2019


Viewpoint | good luck

Our partners

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