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What is?

The popular linguistic heritage is without a doubt one of the richest assets in the cultural and traditional panorama of a People. “Regionalisms” are used with a natural frequency, concealing themselves among the current vocabulary with an obvious fluency that legitimately elevates and at the same time preserves the popular oral tradition.

“Rebendita” is the Madeiran term that alludes to the fact of doing something on purpose and sometimes with malice. The cycle of Concertos d'rebendita is identified solely and exclusively with the purpose of genuinely bringing culture (in this case, musical) to the population without any trace of malice. As access to Culture is a right enshrined in the highest scrolls of our society, it is fundamentally coherent that we are convinced that this will certainly be a relevant platform to guarantee this vicissitude.

This cycle of concerts will have a monthly periodicity and will present an eclectic series of musical groups both in terms of styles and at the instrumental level.

Rebendita concerts. Concerts with purpose!


The Cycle of Concerts d'Rebendita took place during the months of October 2014 and March 2015, with the periodicity of one concert per month. At the time, this cycle was still produced by the extinct Artlântico project - predecessor of the current Retoiça - being responsible for the realization of six concerts in various parts of the Municipality of São Vicente.

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