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Play happily; Retouch.

In Barcelos, J. (2016). Falares da Ilha: Dictionary of Speeches of the Madeira Archipelago . Funchal: DRC.

RETOIÇA – Cultural, Sports and Recreative Association”, hereinafter referred to as RETOIÇA, is a private non-profit association which is an association of culture, recreation, social solidarity, education, sport, health and well-being.

RETOIÇA appears in the evident sense of bringing together a series of projects of a cultural, sporting and recreational nature, which were under the scope of the so-called Artlântico Project, and which needed legal and fiscal support to pursue more ambitious and consistent projects. In this sense, at the time of its creation, RETOIÇA includes projects such as:

  • EcoMusicalis;

  • EcoMusicalis Lauraceae (in partnership with Porto Moniz City Council);

  • EcoMusicalis Sol Oriens / Sol Occidens (in partnership with Ponta do Sol City Council);

  • EcoMusicalis Regalis (in partnership with Associação Caminho Real da Madeira);

  • Music in Capelas (in partnership with Ponta do Sol City Council and local merchants);

  • “d'Rebendita”(in partnership with Parish Councils and São Vicente City Council);

  • Music in the Ruins (in partnership with Parish Councils of São Vicente, Ponta Delgada, Boaventura and local companies);

  • Aqui Acolá Festival (in partnership with Ponta do Sol City Council, local associations and local companies);

  • Regional Pedestrianism Meeting (in partnership with the Federation of Camping and Mountaineering of Portugal, São Vicente City Council and associations/specialty groups).

  • "Music in Nature Concerts Cycle" - 600 years (in partnership with the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture | 600 Years Commission);

  • Concertos L (in partnership with Estalagem da Ponta do Sol);

  • Commented Concerts Cycle (in partnership with Conservatório - Escola Profissional das Artes da Madeira);

  • Concerts inspired by the EcoMusicalis concept within the scope of the Nature Festival;

  • Gaitada na Baixa (in partnership with ADN - Sports and Nature Association);

  • Quintas in downtown (in partnership with ADN - Sports and Nature Association);

  • Rota do Contraband (in partnership with Ponta do Sol City Council);

  • Production and dynamization of benches to assist the allegorical processions of Carnival, Flower Festival and Madeira Auto Parade (in partnership with the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture).

In addition to these projects, it was, is and always will be the obvious intention of this Association to continue to create, develop, promote and above all expand its range of activities that contribute in a sustained way to the socio-cultural, harmonious and equitable development of the its members and the community where it operates, particularly focusing on an eclectic cultural aspect and on the noble and fair nature sports.​

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