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Who we are?

The EcoMusicalis project was born from a mutual desire to join Music and Nature, following up on an intrinsic human need to return to the natural environment in its purest state. To this end, two enthusiasts (Rui Nelson and Filipe Teixeira) from both sides came together and began by outlining the project on the ground in its purest conception, that is, the realization of several concerts in the middle of the natural world where the stages are the Nature itself.

These concerts are performed by reputable professional artists who accept and respect the aforementioned concept, thus offering a wide range of both instrumental and stylistic levels, or they will be carried out by Nature itself.

What we want?

This project is based on the motto that Music with Nature becomes perfect and the theme of its cause. It is born out of balance. Balance is born from what is fair, what is fair is born from the meaning of the world. In this way, we want to awaken the general public to know this great ONE. For this to happen, we will schedule (regularly) concerts in natural spaces where you will be given the opportunity to appreciate and above all contemplate this symbiosis that will certainly help to understand the meaning of the world.

With this project we intend to bring the community closer to Nature, immediately promoting RESPECT for its space. We think that this is a privileged platform to pass on this message.

Where are we going?

With this project we intend to make known the “small big” wonders of our land on this side and beyond, that is, we want this to be, in the short term, a project with consistent acceptance/appreciation internally (governmental bodies; environmental organizations; community; community local, among others) and in the long term a product that helps in a way to promote tourism (and not only) the Madeira archipelago.

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