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What is?

The Flower Concerts are a series of four concerts (combining the EcoMusicalis concept) in a natural space/heritage to be carried out within the scope of the Flower Festival, promoted by the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture.

The models planned for these concerts are based on the performance of four concerts in a natural space, with suitable groups and that share the aforementioned concept, on a stage properly prepared and decorated for the purpose, placed in the center of the ground in order to allow attendees an experience/ 360º perspective.

Due to the tenuous sound propagation in open space, these concerts will have to be properly amplified acoustically.

Where does it take place?

Firstly, it is intended to carry out the aforementioned concerts in emblematic places both at the natural and/or heritage level on the island of Madeira, which are identified as safe places and accessible to the general public. As such, by indication of the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture, the following locations were determined:

  • Fifth Magnolia (32°38'39.34"N / 16°55'29.60"W)

  • Emperor's Farm | Mount (32°40'29.06"N / 16°54'29.54"W)

  • Manor of the Room | Ponta Delgada (32°49'20.93"N / 16°59'28.92"W)

  • Quinta do Santo | Santo da Serra (32°43'30.48"N / 16°49'2.38"W).

Why does it happen?

The island of Madeira by itself has a potential in terms of nature that does not require great arguments to justify such an initiative. Over the years, we, RETOIÇA, owner of the EcoMusicalis brand and concept, have been developing a series of initiatives in natural spaces that have greatly aroused the curiosity of local and foreign populations. These, in turn, have given wings to the imagination and have encouraged us to go further, challenging us to more robust, more challenging and bolder projects.

These concerts, inspired by other existing projects in this increasingly global world, meet such challenges and significantly complement the cultural offer (which is understood as) as an alternative both in form and content, in our region, in the country. or even across borders.

When does it take place?

The period proposed for this cycle of concerts is from September 24th to 27th, 2020, as part of the Flower Festival, according to the tourist entertainment calendar promoted by the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture.

How is it done?

For these concerts it is intended to invite distinguished and reputable artists / groups, who often collaborate with activities from the RETOIÇA universe (in general). Therefore, and in chronological order of concerts, we will have:

  • Miguel Pires (Fiano/Voice);

  • Jessica & Sandra Sá (Harp and Violin);

  • Vítor Sardinha (Viola d'Arame);

  • Flower (voice; bass and vibraphone).

These concerts, being in open space, will be slightly amplified. It should be noted that this amplification will in no way detract from the purity of the sound of the groupings, it is only guaranteed that the sound produced by them reaches equally (as much as possible) to all audiences present in spaces that, as is known, are outdoors.

Furthermore, it is our intention to proceed with the subtle assembly of small platforms (3x3; 4x4; 5x5 - according to the groupings) with an ornamented tent with motifs alluding to the Flower Festival, in order to guarantee the comfort and adequate setting for the artists and respective instruments.

It should also be noted that these concerts will last approximately 60 minutes (without a break).

Alinhamento 2022



(Acordeão, Guitarra, Contrabaixo e Percussão)

19 de Maio de 2022

19 horas



(Voz, Rajão, Viola d'arame, Baixo, Percussão)

20 de Maio de 2022

19 horas


Cristina Barbosa Trio

(Voz, Guitarra, Percussão)

21 de Maio de 2022

17 horas

micaela setim

Micaela Setim

(Voz, Guitarra, Viola baixo)

22 de Maio de 2022

17 horas

2020 alignment


The Grumpies

(Voz, Guitarra e Percussão)

14 de Outubro de 2021

19 horas

gold label01_edited.jpg

Gold Label Trio & Friends

(Guitarra, Percussão,  Contrabaixo,  Saxofone)

15 de Outubro de 2021

19 horas

quarteto moritz_edited.jpg

Quarteto Moritz

(Braguinha, Guitarra, Piano e Baixo)

16 de Outubro de 2021

17 horas


Vânia Fernandes

(Voz, Guitarra e Baixo)

17 de Outubro de 2021

17 horas

Alinhamento 2020


Miguel Pires


24 de Setembro de 2020

19 horas


Jéssica & Sandra Sá

(Harpa e Violino)

25 de Setembro de 2020

19 horas


Vítor Sardinha

(Viola d'arame)

26 de Setembro de 2020

17 horas



(Voz, Vibrafone e Contrabaixo)

27 de Setembro de 2020

17 horas

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