Sport, namely the activity dedicated to the health and well-being aspect, is another constant mainstay in the social object of Retoiça - Cultural, Sports and Recreation Association. Get to know a little more about our sports projects and the association's path.


Regional Walking Meeting

Since May 2015

The Regional Walking Meeting is a sporting event that has as its assumed intention the joining and respective fraternization of the most diverse groups/clubs/associations...

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Contraband Route

Since March 2017

At the beginning of the last century, Madeira was known for the brandy island. Excessive consumption of this drink becomes a social problem. In 1927 34 sugarcane mills closed down, production decreased...


Soups Route

Since June 2018

The Route of Soups is a hiking event with the aim of promoting sports culture and recreation combined with a people that insists on preserving its traditions, in this case, food.


Secção de Orientação

Desde 2021

A Retoiça - Associação Cultural, Desportiva e Recreativa desde Maio de 2021 encetou esforços no sentido de criar uma secção de Orientação com atletas associados. Como tal, submeteu o pedido de filiação na Federação Portuguesa de Orientação...