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What is?

Forte à Terça is a Retoiça project with exclusive application in the Municipality of Porto Moniz, more specifically in Forte de São João Baptista (Madeira Aquarium). This project is limited to the production, promotion and performance of concerts in the space adjacent to the aforementioned Fort (Terrace or Aquarium Entrance) in order to liven up some of the summer nights in the village of Porto Moniz.

Where does it take place?

The Forte à Terça takes place in the space adjacent to the Fort of São João Baptista (Terrace or entrance to the Aquarium), located at Rua do Forte de São João Baptista 7A.

Why does it happen?

The municipality of Porto Moniz, for some years now, has shown an attractive potential for vacationers, given the nice number of visitors who flock to this municipality during the bathing season. On the other hand, it is considered that this municipality has a series of noble spaces that, in our view, could be the object of sustainable development.

One of these spaces, within the scope of built heritage, is the Fort of São João Baptista, where the Madeira Aquarium is currently located. As already experienced, we know that the terrace or the (exterior) entrance hall of this honored building has excellent conditions for cultural dynamization at various levels, whether musical, cinematographic, among others.

When does it take place?

The concerts of the Forte à Terça project take place on Tuesdays in August, between 20:30 and 22:00. It should be noted that this cycle has the particularity of being held on Tuesdays, in order to bypass the festive flow that exists during weekends in August.

How is it done?

The concerts of the Forte à Terça project are "materialized" through musical concerts, where bands of the most diverse styles are invited (Jazz; Bossa Nova; Blues; Pop-Pock; World Music; etc.). The concerts are free access.


The Forte à Terça project arose from an idea by Retoiça - Cultural, Sports and Recreation Association to schedule, dynamize, produce and carry out a concert cycle in the space adjacent to the São João Baptista Fort during the month. of August. To this end, the following concerts were held:


- DonaZica w/ Elisa Siva | 07/08/2018

- Upright Ntet | 08/21/2018

-Chap4 | 08/28/2018


- Kairos | 08/06/2019

- Sofia Almeida Quartet | 08/13/2019

- Fennel Shore | 08/20/2019

- Gold Label Trio | 08/27/2019

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