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What is?

The Commented Concerts Cycle is a set of specific concerts by the Academic Orchestra of the Conservatório – Madeira Professional School of Arts Engº Luiz Peter Clode, where the constitution of the symphony orchestra is presented to the public and where all the works performed and respective composers are previously contextualized .

Where does it take place?

They are held in spaces suitable for this type of concert, such as the Auditorium of the John dos Passos Cultural Center, or the Live Science Center of Porto Moniz.

Why does it happen?

Within the Conservatory's Mission, to educate citizens about the arts, the Academic Orchestra of this Conservatory promotes this cycle of concerts with the aim of helping to create and develop an audience of classical and symphonic music. This specific genre of music clearly needs a formative context for a better understanding of its artistic object. With this type of commented concerts, it is thus possible to convey to the public the inspiring referential beauty that this kind of art has and that helps the cultural development of individuals.

When does it take place?

The cycle of Commented concerts has its periodicity in accordance with the annual plan of activities of the Conservatório - Escola Profissional das Artes da Madeira itself.

How is it done?

These concerts are part of the Academic Orchestra's annual Artistic and Pedagogical Planning. This is a co-production partnership between the Conservatório and Associação Retoiça, which in this way promote this concert, from its dissemination to the production of the concert itself. All the traditional logistics of a symphonic concert are dealt with, and concerts are always free.


This partnership began during 2017, with the first concert held on March 26 of that same year, more precisely at the Centro de Ciência Viva in Porto Moniz, being preceded by a concert at the John dos Passos Cultural Center at December 18, 2017.

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