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Ticket purchase (free)
Quinta Magnolia Concert (Funchal) | 24/09/2020 | 7pm SOLD OUT
Quinta do Imperador Concert (Funchal) | 25/09/2020 | 7pm SOLD OUT

Important note:

Ticket purchase for any of the concerts is mandatory. Under no circumstances will interested parties be admitted without the respective ticket.

* For those interested, there will be transport (free and limited to 50 people) to the concerts to be held at Solar do Aposento (Ponta Delgada) and Quinta do Santo (Santo da Serra) departing from Funchal, more precisely at Praça CR7 .

** In the case of teams with more than two (2) athletes, send an email with the data of the remaining elements to

Formulário de inscrição submetida com sucesso!

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