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Music in Nature Concerts Cycle

What is?

The cycle of concerts "Música na Natureza" (communicating with the EcoMusicalis concept) is a series of concerts in natural space carried out on the island of Porto Santo as an integral part of the celebrations of the 600th anniversary of the discovery of this island.

Where does it take place?

The aforementioned concerts take place in emblematic spaces in Porto Santo that are identified as safe, accessible and of natural and heritage interest.

Why does it happen?

Porto Santo by itself has a potential in terms of nature that immediately aroused our interest in developing a series of initiatives within the scope of the EcoMusicalis concept.

Given our experience in producing this type of events and according to the followers / experts - including Portosantenses - of the EcoMusicalis project, who often ask us about the possibility of holding concerts of this kind in the golden island, it led us to believe that, in view of such an illustrious and pertinent historical ephemeris, the realization of this cycle would have the due acceptance of a large part of those who were aware of it.

When does it take place?

The first edition took place in April 2018, coinciding with the Easter period and, consequently, with the interruption of the 2nd period, when Porto Santo is sought after by many tourists, whether Madeiran, continental or foreign. However, due to a strategic agreement between various entities and in accordance with the map of local activities, it was decided to hold the second edition in mid-June.

How is it done?

For this cycle of concerts distinguished and eclectic groups/musicians were invited with guarantees of suitability, who often collaborate with the EcoMusicalis project (specifically) and other activities in the RETOIÇA universe (in general).

These concerts are slightly amplified with material acquired specifically by RETOIÇA. It should be noted that this amplification will in no way detract from the purity of the sound of the groupings, it is only guaranteed that the sound produced by them reaches equally (as much as possible) to all audiences present in spaces that, as is known, are outdoors.

On the other hand, it should be noted that any of the concerts lasts approximately 60 minutes (without a break).


The Concert Cycle "Music in Nature"   had its beginning on the 6th of April 2018, with a concert held at Praia da Calheta (Porto Santo) with the extraordinary ensemble EcoTrio as its protagonist . Since then, until now, the following concerts have been held:



1. | 6/04/2018


Calheta Beach (Porto Santo)

vitor e nicolau.jpg

2. | 07/04/2018

Vítor Sardinha & Nuno Nicolau

Portela Viewpoint


3. | 08/04/2018


Quarry (Pico Ana Ferreira)



1. | 06/14/2019

Moritz Quartet

Viewpoint of Furado Norte (Morenos)


2. | 15/06/2019

"Wheat" Project

Viewpoint of Flores (Calheta)


3. | 06/16/2019

Fennel Shore

Quarry (Pico Ana Ferreira)

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